Online courses help students prepare for most common high school equivalency tests

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

(CHANDLER, Ariz.) Nov. 11, 2014 – To prepare high school students and adult learners for new versions of high school equivalency tests, Odysseyware has launched three brand new test prep courses.

Courses are now available for the 2014 GED®, HiSET® and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™. Each course provides students with the instruction, practice and assessment they need to succeed on these equivalency tests. The courses also include embedded review and practice opportunities, along with study tips and concept review videos.

Unlike traditional test prep approaches, Odysseyware’s courses leverage the platform’s highly engaging content and embedded instructional supports. These supports include real-time vocabulary and glossary search, a text-to-speech tool and translation in multiple languages. In addition, the online courses use direct instruction videos that provide overviews of each test, test-taking strategies and content-specific lessons to hold the attention of digital natives.

“These new courses are reflective of our deep commitment to the career and college readiness of adult learners and graduates. This same commitment is evident in our extensive Career and Technical Education courses and with our existing ACT test prep course,” said Beth Te Grotenhuis, the president of Odysseyware and CEO of its parent company, Glynlyon. “As the make-up of these equivalency tests evolves, we are committed to creating the most up to date and relevant support and preparation materials that best prepare adult learners and future graduates to earn a high school degree and prepare for future success.”

Each course practice test reflects the design and question types of the GED®, ACT®, HiSET® and TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™, respectively. For more information, visit

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