Odysseyware becomes WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partner

Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

(Chandler, AZ) September 20, 2016 – Odysseyware, a leading provider of personalized and customizable online courses and instructional tools for K-12 education, today announced it has become a WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge Partner.

Dr. Norman Webb is nationally recognized for developing the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Framework to analyze alignment between standards and assessments and for teachers’ professional development. He founded WebbAlign with Sara Christopherson and WCEPS to continue his work with K-12 educators and educational publishers. The WebbAlign DOK Partner Program is becoming the industry standard for education publishers and assessment providers committed to producing materials that represent a range of content complexity.

Dr. Webb and his team have trained Odysseyware’s curriculum and product design teams on the most up-to-date approaches to applying Webb’s (DOK) framework to curriculum and assessments.

"We are pleased to welcome Odysseyware as a WebbAlign DOK Partner", said Dr. Webb, "we look forward to working with them to implement the DOK framework as they create rigorous online educational materials with the goal of improving student learning."

WebbAlign supports educators in their efforts to improve alignment of curriculum and assessments with standards. WebbAlign works with educators, along with curriculum and assessment developers, to help ensure that assessments match the rigor expected in corresponding learning expectations.

"As part of our continued commitment to provide the most effective curriculum and instructional content, we are delighted to receive the expertise of Dr. Webb and the WebbAlign team," said Beth TeGrotenhuis, the president of Odysseyware. "Students today are increasingly asked to apply and express their knowledge through project-based and real-world scenarios that require not only basic recall of information and principles, but the mastery to apply that knowledge in complex and multi-faceted ways. The WebbAlign team will continue to assist our content matter experts in achieving that goal."

The DOK framework will be applied to existing Odysseyware curriculum and assessment items, and will also be leveraged to inform the creation of new items.


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Dr. Norman Webb, Sara Christopherson, and the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS) created WebbAlign to provide services based on Dr. Webb's Depth of Knowledge Framework and WebbAlign Alignment Process. WCEPS disseminates the innovative educational products and services created at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Separate from, but affiliated with, the university, WCEPS extends the impact of the university’s educational innovations to support further research and development. To learn more, visit

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