Odysseyware to offer new progress reporting data that puts students at the center of their learning

Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Chandler, AZ – September 11, 2018 – Odysseyware, the leading provider of customizable, online K-12 curriculum content and services to support the Whole Learner, today announced its new Learner Dashboard, available to all students accessing Odysseyware courses and content on the Odysseyware learning management platform. Designed with today’s student in mind, the Learner Dashboard gives students a comprehensive view into their scores, progress, and pacing within a course so they always know where they stand. The new insights provided by the Learner Dashboard will engage students by giving them greater ownership of their learning, while also helping to develop life-long habits that will benefit them within and beyond the Odysseyware course.

“Students like the variety of activities and approaches within the lessons, and really like the new student dashboard as it gives them an accurate picture of their progress to date,” explains Sheila Skeans, Lead Teacher at Innovation Academy in Anderson County Schools, Tennessee. 
With an intuitive design and graphical representation of data, the new Learner Dashboard helps students easily answer critical questions regarding their Odysseyware course experience like:

  • What is my score/grade in my Odysseyware courses?
  • How am I making progress against my learner and/or course goals?
  • Am I on track to complete my course on time?

By providing this window into a student’s status on progress, scores, and course and assignment completion, the Learner Dashboard gives students more choice and control over their own learning.

“We developed the Learner Dashboard based on extensive research, including interviews with educators and students. We believe that learner achievement is greatly enhanced when students have visibility into their progress so that they can develop greater ownership and agency for their learning, a critical 21st Century Learning skill,” noted Josey Borman, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Glynlyon, parent company of Odysseyware.   
As part of the release of the Learner Dashboard, Odysseyware also released a new video tutorial to help teachers and students use this powerful tool. If you want to learn more about the new Learner Dashboard, contact Odysseyware at 877-795-8904.

About Odysseyware
Odysseyware® delivers a technology-rich learning management system with engaging core and elective courses to public, charter, and virtual schools in thousands of school districts across the United States. With curriculum content and courses available for students in grades 3-12, Odysseyware can be seamlessly integrated into a traditional educational environment or used in a blended learning program to reach a diverse range of students. Founded on the belief that given the right tools and the right teachers, every child can learn, Odysseyware curriculum and services can be customized to support the diverse needs and interests of whole learners and educators across the United States. With offices in Chandler, AZ and Rock Rapids, IA, Odysseyware is a division of parent company Glynlyon.