Odysseyware Academy's robust assessment and progress monitoring, targeted instruction, prescriptive learning paths, and flexible customization and teacher authoring features provide powerful tools to support your school's intervention and remediation initiatives. 

English Language Learners

Odysseyware Academy's instructional supports, customization, built-in messaging features, and prescriptive assessment and learning paths offer a number of benefits to English Language Learners and students with unique learning challenges.


Odysseyware Academy provides students with numerous opportunities to acquire and apply new vocabulary. Students can listen to, speak, read and write the content vocabulary in an interactive setting with activities such as Flash Cards and the Spelling Bee.


The Reference function supports ELL students by helping them to understand, spell, and pronounce English words and phrases in the lessons.


The translate function translates any selected words or phrases included in the lessons from English to a variety of supported languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Translation can help students who have literacy skills in their home language to gain fast access to the lesson content.


The Text-to-Speech function provides spoken word support for any word or phrase in the lesson. Learners can choose between a selection of voices.

Special Education Supports

Odysseyware Academy offers a number of built-in supports, instructional tools and customization features to address students with diverse learning styles. For our students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), our teachers are an active part of the plan and participate in IEP meetings remotely to support the student in the courses they take with us and offer additional services such as individual/group tutoring and modifications to the course as needed. Below are the built in supports available to our students:

CRx Mode

Assigns a pretest at the beginning of each unit in a course and creates learning paths based on those results.

Flex CRx

Flex CRx only assigns those lessons within a unit that the pretest determined as needing remediation.

Flex Assessment

Odysseyware Academy's Flex Assessment feature automatically removes the assessment questions for the lessons skipped in Flex CRx mode.

Odysseyware Academy's Teacher Authoring Tool allows educators to create unique and customized lessons to further differentiate instruction or to address specific learning styles or learning challenges.

Testing Accommodations

Test, quiz and lesson proctoring can be accommodated using the block feature. When activated, student access to specific features is controlled by an administrator or instructor.

Custom Course Thresholds

The ability to choose pass thresholds and weighting of course components empowers teachers to make individualized instructional delivery adjustments  for students according to their unique needs.

Customized Learning Paths

Teachers can customize the course sequence and content for each student by adding or removing content for differentiation or inserting customized lessons or content.

Odysseyware's Dynamic Learning Activities, Direct Instruction Videos and interactive content emphasize real world scenarios, engage through the use of rich audio and visual components, and address diverse learning styles.

Academic Snapshot

Our interface is ideal for many of our students who struggle with organization. Our Academic Snapshot feature allows a student to always see how they are doing in the class and if they are ahead or behind. This feature allows students to instantly see if they are on pace/ahead, behind in their courses, logging into the course frequently enough, and are earning grades needed to pass the course. This constant stream of feedback is a perfect match for students who struggle with executive planning and organization.

Medically Homebound Students

Physical disabilities can interfere with a student's ability to work on their courses. Most physical disabilities are also addressed through hardware, such as an alternative keyboard and mouse. Students can work on their courses at their own pace and can add extensions to the 20 week enrollment period if needed so those students whose physical disability limits response time will find an accommodating environment.

For students who are medically homebound or have a medical emergency where they are ill, hospitalized, etc. and are therefore unable to work on their courses, we can put a pause on their course. This essentially freezes their course so the time they are unable to work on their courses does not count toward the 20 weeks they have to complete the course.

We also do not require that students log in at specific times of the day to work on their course (unless they need to attend teacher office hours). This is ideal for students who have a chronic or acute illness where their ability to work on courses can vary depending on the time of day.

Technical Support

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