Trigonometry (3150) VA

Trigonometry is a four-unit elective course for high school students who have successfully completed Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. The materials cover a development of trigonometry from right triangle trigonometry and trigonometric functions to oblique triangles. Throughout the course, students will develop trigonometric formulas and use them in real-world applications, evaluate trigonometric proofs using complex trigonometric identities, and solve trigonometric equations and inequalities with regard to the unit circle.The course seeks to help students expand their knowledge and skills so that they may achieve the following goals:

  • Use trigonometry as a tool for indirect measurement.
  • Model natural phenomenon with trigonometric functions. 
  • Use trigonometric identities to evaluate trigonometric proofs.  
  • Solve trigonometric equations and inequalities using inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Solve for unknown sides and angles of right and oblique triangles using right triangle trigonometry, law of sines, and law of cosines.

In attaining these goals, students will begin to see the "big picture" of mathematics and understand how numeric, algebraic, and geometric concepts are woven together to build a foundation for higher mathematical thinking.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Math
Course Length: Year