Spanish I

Ppanish I is an entry level high school foreign language course that explores the Spanish language through communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities. Spanish I introduces students to the mechanics of the Spanish language, acquaints them with the cultural differences of Hispanic countries, and helps them gain a keen awareness of their own culture.

Course materials are designed to support students as they work to gain a basic proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Spanish, and in cultural competency. In addition to the default course program, Spanish I includes extra alternate lessons, projects, and tests for use in enhancing instruction or addressing individual needs.

During this course

  • Unit 1: Students will practice language patterns when they use words and phrases in Spanish. They will also review vocabulary words and parts of grammar.
  • Unit 2: Students will study parts of grammar, and practice pronunciation. They will also learn how to tell time, say numbers, and say dates in Spanish.
  • Unit 3: Students will learn more grammar including how to conjugate verbs, history and cultural traditions of Mexico, and vocabulary words associated with the beach.
  • Unit 4: Students will discover Argentina through its geography, culture, and activities. They will also learn verbs and adjectives associated with Argentina, and how to form questions.
  • Unit 5: Students will explore the geography and culture of Honduras while continuing to learn parts of speech and basic weather terms in Spanish.
  • Unit 7: Students will learn about all aspects of Puerto Rico while also learning how to respond to questions, different parts of speech, and vocabulary words.
  • Unit 8: Students will examine the history and culture of Spain while learning different parts of speech that relates to aspects of this country.
  • Unit 9: Students will study the history and culture of Cuba. They will also learn how say and use different parts of the body and clothes.
  • Unit 10: Students will explore aspects of the Dominican Republic while continuing to learn parts of speech. They will also study vocabulary associated with shopping.
  • Unit 11: Students will examine the history, culture, and activities of Panama. They will also learn phrases and vocabulary associated with transportation while still focusing on parts of speech.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: World Languages
Course Length: Year