Social Studies 8

03343100 TX

Social Studies 8 focuses on the history of the United States from European colonization through Reconstruction. Major areas of study are History, Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship and Culture. Social studies skills, science, technology, and society will be studied.

Lessons will focus on wars, U.S expansion, constitutional controversies, and Reconstruction. Also of importance is the study of the Industrial Revolution and its importance in shaping the United States as a powerful nation.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Describe colonial expansion and life in American colonies.

  • Analyze the path that led to the Revolutionary War.

  • Identify key figures and important battles in the American Revolution.

  • Explain why the country became divided and how the economy played a role in slavery.

  • Describe the causes and effects of the Civil War.

  • Elaborate on the effects of Reconstruction on the country.

State: Texas
Grade Level: 8
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year