Scientific Discovery and Development

This course focuses Laboratory Careers, in which students learn about more than two dozen jobs in laboratory science. Each lesson that covers careers describes, sometimes in great detail, what specific professionals do on the job. For each career students learn what is necessary in the areas of education and credentialing, and also will be able to have a good idea of the job outlook and salaries of these various professions. Students also learn quite a bit of science related to many of those careers as well as about the scientists and major breakthroughs that have brought us where we are today in laboratory science.

  • Introduction to Laboratory Science: Students will explore the history of clinical laboratory science, learning how clinical laboratories evolved and became professionalized and how scientific discoveries and breakthroughs fueled the development of the laboratory while the sub-disciplines in biology were also advancing. The science covered in the first unit includes immunology, the circulatory system, and the blood-bank system.
  • Clinical Laboratory Careers: Students will learn about the circulatory system and about microbiology and the subfields within it.
  • Tissues and Cells: Students will explore cells and tissues, cell division and basic genetics.
  • Research and Development: Students will learn a brief history of the philosophy of science, along with an explication of the scientific method. The unit goes on to teach the difference between basic and applied research. This unit also covers three major areas in bioresearch: biotechnology, nanotechnology, and pharmaceutical research and development.
  • Research and Development, Part II: Students will explore research in the social science that is something of a hybrid, since the topics cross over into science. Emphasis is put on the interdisciplinary nature of this type of research. The last few lessons in the unit raise the controversial issues of embryonic stem-cell research and the problems raised by outsourcing clinical research. The final lesson gives students a chance to catch their breath and do some exercises that can help them find a career path they are interested in.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Health Science
Course Length: Semester