Science 7

53237 NY

Science 7 is a basic intermediate course intended to expose students to the designs and patterns in the physical universe. This course provides a set of basic scientific skills and a broad survey of the major areas of science. Some of the areas covered in Science 7 include the structure and properties of matter, chemistry, motion, astronomy, electricity and magnetism, waves, and science in our world.

The curriculum seeks to develop the students' ability to be aware of and participate in scientific inquiry. The units contain experiments and projects to capitalize on the students' natural curiosity. The students will explore, observe and manipulate everyday objects and materials in their environment. Students at this level should show understanding of the structure of matter, signs of chemical reactions, and expand their knowledge of energy of motion and heat. Students should also be able to identify and demonstrate waves and patterns in waves, science in careers and technology and demonstrate the ability to use and analyze scientific measurements. Collectively, this should help students develop and build on their subject-matter knowledge base.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Identify and demonstrate the structure of matter.

  • Determine the physical and chemical properties of matter.

  • Understand the relationship between motion and force.

  • Model size, distance and shapes of celestial objects in our universe.

  • Measure and demonstrate electricity and magnetism.

  • Understand and predict energy transfers.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of science design and inquiry.

  • Identify and diagram waves.

  • Identify different forces.

  • Demonstrate how force affects motion.

State: New York
Grade Level: 7
Category: Science
Course Length: Year