Science 6

03060600 TX

Science 6 is a basic intermediate course intended to expose students to the designs and patterns in the physical universe. Some of the areas covered in Science, Grade 6 include the study of plant and animal systems, plant and animal behavior, genetics, the structure of matter, energy, kinematics, planet earth, the solar system, and astronomy.

The curriculum seeks to develop the students' ability to understand and participate in scientific inquiry. The units contain experiments and projects to capitalize on children's natural curiosity. The students will explore, observe and manipulate everyday objects and materials in their environment. Students at this level should begin to understand interrelationships between organisms, recognize patterns in ecosystems, and become aware of the cellular dimensions of living systems. Collectively, this should help students develop and build on their subject-matter knowledge base.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Use their main senses for observation of the world around them.

  • Describe the different systems in plants and animals.

  • Explain the various ways plants and animals behave.

  • Explain how Mendel used observation to develop his theories.

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of chemical structure and the periodic table.

  • Discuss the layers of the atmosphere.

  • Describe motion as it relates to force and work.

  • Explain how time and season are related to the rotation and revolution of the earth.

  • Explain the different forms of energy.

State: Texas
Grade Level: 6
Category: Science
Course Length: Year