Personal Care Services

This course in Personal Care Services introduces students to a variety of careers in the following areas: cosmetology (including hairstyling and haircutting, esthetics, manicuring, makeup, and teaching) and barbering (including cutting and styling of hair and facial hair and manicuring for men); massage therapy, teaching body-mind disciplines (yoga, Pilates, and the martial arts), and fitness (general exercise classes and acting as a personal trainer); and mortuary science (embalming and funeral directing). The course teaches students about what each career entails and the education and training they will need to become credentialed in various career specialties. In addition, about half of the course is devoted to teaching knowledge associated with the various professions, so that students can get a feel for what they should learn and whether they would like to learn it.

  • Introduction to Careers in Personal Care: Unit One is an overview of careers in personal care. Students will explore different jobs, the scope of a professional's work in each of these job titles and the type of education that will be required for each job title. Students also explore some foundational knowledge necessary for the pursuit of a career in personal care.
  • Careers in the Beauty Industry: Unit Two focuses on careers in the personal appearance or beauty industry. In includes lessons on the anatomy of the integumentary system, cosmetology specialties, education and skill requirements for cosmetology careers, and accreditation and licensing.
  • Careers in Massage Therapy: Students will learn about the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, types of massage, massage-therapy training, accreditation, and health and safety issues.
  • Careers in Body-Mind Movement Instruction and Group Exercise and Fitness Education: Unit four covers careers in fitness instruction, dividing this topic into mind-body disciplines and general exercise.
  • How These Careers Interact: This unit focuses on mortuary science and culminates with a lesson on how the careers within this field interact.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Human Services
Course Length: Semester