Oklahoma History and Government: The Foundation, Formation, and Transformation of Oklahoma (5615) OK

Oklahoma History and Government: The Foundation, Formation, and Transformation of Oklahoma is a semester long course for 9-  12th graders that explores the history of the state from prehistoric times to the present. Students will learn about Oklahoma’s earliest inhabitants and examine the effects of European exploration, colonization, and statehood. Students will study the consequences of both American and world history events on the territory and state of Oklahoma, as well as the Indian Territory and its people. Additional units of instruction introduce students to subjects such as Oklahoma geography and economics. The characteristics and functions of state, county, and local governments (including tribal governments) will be explored.

In addition to the default course program, which includes lessons, projects, quizzes, and tests, the course offers alternate quizzes and tests to enhance instruction or address individual needs. 

  • Unit 1: OKLAHOMA: AN OVERVIEW Students will go through this unit as an overview of what will be covered throughout the course, by working through lessons that introduce the various stages of Oklahoma, from prehistoric man to modern Oklahoma. 
  • Unit 2: FROM PRE-HISTORY TO PRE-STATEHOOD Students will be introduced to the first inhabitants of the land now called Oklahoma, and will explore the changes that climate, European encounters, and new discoveries and inventions had on the people of Oklahoma over time. They will also explore Native American relocation, and how Oklahoma came to be formed.
  • Unit 3: CIVIL WAR TO CITIZENSHIP Students will analyze the reasons why the Civil War was fought, as well as explore the various groups involved. They will also explore the aftermath of the war, including the lives of freedmen, reconstruction, new laws, new industries, expansionism, and the assimilation of Native Americans. 
  • Unit 4: OKLAHOMA'S BOOMS AND BUSTS Students will explore the various industries that built the economy of Oklahoma over time and will understand the struggles faced by various groups in the early 1900s, including minorities, labor unions, and farmers. Students will also learn about the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and World War II, with a specific focus on the effects each had on the state of Oklahoma. 
  • Unit 5: RACE RELATIONS AND RESOURCES Students will gain an understanding of life after World War II in Oklahoma and explore civil rights movements with a focus on major events and key individuals who played a role in Oklahoma. Students will also learn about major resources and industries in Oklahoma. 
  • Unit 6: MODERN OKLAHOMA Students will learn to identify the key elements of the modern Oklahoma government and how it functions. Students will explore more recent accounts of Native American policy and modern industries such as oil, agriculture, aeronautics, and weather research. Students will also understand the devastating attack on Oklahoma City, as well as gain an appreciation for artistic contributions made by Oklahomans.

State: Oklahoma
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Semester