Office 2010 Applications II

Office 2010 Applications II is a semester-length, high school elective course that explores the use of application skills in Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Access®. Students will use these applications to design, develop, create, edit, and share business spreadsheet and database documents. This course provides key knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Introduction to advanced skills in Microsoft® Excel® ranging from basic spreadsheet terminology to exploring data entry, formatting, formulas, functions, charts, graphics, and additional features available in backstage view
  2. iSkills in Microsoft® Access®, ranging from basic relational database terminology to creating and modifying tables, forms, queries, and reports


  • Recognize the elements of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Demonstrate use of Excel navigation and protection tools.
  • Know how to modify, edit, save, create, and format Excel spreadsheets.
  • Use tools to manage Excel worksheets.
  • Define the rules for creating formulas and functions in Excel worksheets.
  • Demonstrate how to create, modify, and edit charts and shapes in Microsoft Excel.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of database design.
  • Manage the Access Environment.
  • Create an Access database.
  • Create, modify, and edit Access forms, queries, and reports.

Office Applications 2 Course Requirements

Students must be computer literate and have Internet access. Students should have basic research skills, as well as the ability to conduct online searches and access recommended websites. Word processing and presentation software might be required to produce projects.

State: National, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Washington
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Business Management & Administration
Course Length: Semester