Music Appreciation

Students will build a strong foundation of knowledge focused on basic musical elements and the development and growth of classical music, and will acquire a greater appreciation of music. Additionally, students will examine music in the world around them and discover how they experience music. They'll be introduced to the basic elements and sounds of music and instruments, learn the names and backgrounds of several famous musical composers, and learn how and where classical music began, how it developed over the centuries, and the ways in which music and culture affect each other. Lastly, students will examine the ways modern music has been influenced by classical music.

  • Discovering Music: Students will learn the basics of listening to, responding to, and participating in music, including completing independent projects that utilize engaged listening skills; students will also understand music from other cultures.
  • Music Fundamentals: Students will understand the fundamentals of music, including key concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression, and the types and categories of musical instruments.
  • Beginnings of Music: Students will examine early music history, spanning from medieval times to the Baroque era, and complete focused research and writing projects on the topic.
  • Developing Music: Students will explore a variety of classical and romantic music, continuing to participate in independent engaged listening projects to continue advancement of key skills.
  • Modern Music: Students will focus on music of the twentieth-century, including popular, Broadway, and film music, culminating in project requiring students to attend and critique a classical concert in their community.
  • Course Review and Exam: Students will complete a full review of key course concepts, and demonstrate their mastery through a final examination.

Please note that this course provides students with lessons in engaged listening. These special lessons allow students to listen and respond to music. A template for how to listen and respond is provided.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Fine Arts
Course Length: Semester