M/J Comprehensive Science 3

2002100 FL

M/J Comprehensive Science 3 is an eighth grade course that covers a variety of topics in the field of science. It begins with basic skills used in scientific investigations. Students will learn how to conduct a scientific investigation and use the scientific method when applicable. Students will also be able to demonstrate the skills used by scientists when conducting these investigations and communicating the results that they discover.

This curriculum will develop the students' ability in scientific inquiry and apply these skills to experiments. The curriculum includes an overview of chemistry, Earth and space science, and life sciences. Students will also be able to apply mathematical concepts that apply to the field of science.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Identify connections between science and other fields of study.
  • Apply the scientific method to an investigation.
  • Describe atomic theory, molecules and their compounds.
  • Demonstrate how matter can change phases.
  • Demonstrate how the Periodic Table of Elements is organized.
  • Describe how the different parts of our solar system interact.
  • Explain how solar systems, galaxies and our universe differ in size and composition.
  • Identify differences in stars and other celestial bodies.
  • Explain the cycles of nature.
  • Understand the effects human have had on the planet.

State: Florida
Grade Level: 8
Category: Science
Course Length: Year