M/J Civics

2106010 FL

This Civics course covers the basis for our government system in the United States and how it has changed over time to the government we have today. This course includes basic geography of the United States and major cultural landmarks, the sources our founding fathers used to develop our government, the structure of our government at various levels, effects the government has on our lives and the economic system we utilize in the United States.

Students will also develop their skills in exploring various texts and responding to them in essay form to demonstrate comprehension of the content and apply the concepts to issues affected them locally and statewide.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate where the different states and territories of the U.S. are located.
  • Identify key landmarks and explain their significance.
  • Understand the foundation behind the country our founders created.
  • Describe the different branches of the government and how they work together.
  • Identify times our Constitution has changed and why these changes strengthened our nation.
  • Understand the political process and how one can get involved with their government.
  • Demonstrate how our legal system works and how laws affect society.
  • Understand the free market system the U.S. uses for its economy.
  • Describe relations with other nations including trade, diplomacy and conflicts.

In addition to the content included in the lessons, students will also seek out original documents and be able analyze them in essay projects intertwined within the lessons.

State: Florida
Grade Level: 7
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year