Mathematics Grade 6 (3110) VA

Mathematics Grade 6 (3110) VA is a math course focusing on number skills and numerical literacy, with an introduction to rational numbers and the skills needed for algebra. In it, students will gain solid experience with number theory and operations, including decimals and fractions. This course also integrates ratio relationships and proportional reasoning throughout the units, as well as introduces students to geometric concepts.

  • Decimals: Identify, compare, and calculate problems with decimal numbers
  • Working with Fractions: Use addition, subtraction, and multiplication to solve problems involving fractions
  • Dividing Fractions: Use division to solve problems involving fractions 
  • Ratios: Use ratios to solve problems, interpret data, and make comparisons 
  • Geometry and Measurement: Calculate the measurements of geometric shapes and angles 
  • Rational Numbers: Identify and use rational numbers and their opposites
  • Expressions, Equations, and Functions: Translate, write, and solve equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Data Analysis: Interpret and describe data presented in various graphs

State: National
Grade Level: 6
Category: Math
Course Length: Year