Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality

Marketing and Sales for Tourism and Hospitality Course OverviewThis course is designed as an introduction to the study of tourism and hospitality marketing and sales. Students will be introduced to marketing theory and application of the basic principles of marketing as applied in hospitality and tourism. The relationship between marketing and other functions such as advertising, sales techniques, and public relations to maximize profits in a hospitality organization is addressed. Students will have an opportunity to explore this multi-faceted world, identifying multiple career paths and opportunities.

  • Introduction to Marketing: This unit introduces students to marketing and sales. Students learn about the historical development of the field, and about the core principles of marketing. The also learn the importance of the differences between marketing and sales. Students will also explore components of a marketing plan, and about a technique to evaluate the effectiveness of a plan.
  • Marketing Research and Analysis: Because travel is both a product and a service, it needs a unique marketing strategy. Students will learn how to develop that strategy, as well as about market segmentation and research for the travel industry.
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning: Specifics about promotion and sales are covered in this unit, which also details the use of promotion as a component of the marketing mix. Students also learn about the importance of effective selling and the importance of closing the sale.
  • Delivering Hospitality Services to Customers: This unit reviews the wide variety of distribution methods typically used to promote tourism and hospitality to the travel trade and customers. It also reminds students of the importance of customer needs and wants and how to obtain this information through technology and market research.
  • Career Opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality: This unit discusses the career paths of tourism entities and hospitality businesses, the skills needed to work in tourism and hospitality, and the educational levels that are essential today to perform in an exceedingly competitive arena.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Hospitality & Tourism
Course Length: Semester