Language Arts 700 Fundamentals

Students will build on the sequential development and the integration of communication skills in four major areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will expand a foundational understanding of the structure of language and grammar, and use this knowledge to write narratives, technical text, speeches, and research projects. In addition, students will read and comprehend a variety of literature, including poetry and a variety of nonfiction text. As a result of the reading, writing, speaking, and listening students will do in this course, they will grow their vocabulary and their understanding of how to communicate effectively by making skillful choices when expressing themselves with language.

  • Unit 1: Building Blocks for Writing:Students will demonstrate an understanding of the components of complete and effective sentences and paragraphs, utilizing these skills to write and evaluate their own work.
  • Unit 2: Refreshing Your Mechanics Memory:Students will strengthen their foundational understanding of the mechanics of language, including topics such as capitalization and proper use of quotation marks and commas. 
  • Unit 3: People, Places, Things, and Actions:Students will demonstrate an understanding of grade-appropriate parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, and the nuances of verb tense.
  • Unit 4: Informational Texts: Letters and Directions:Students will identify and utilize the form, structure, and language of informational texts such as business letters, personal letters, and technical directions.
  • Unit 5: Reading and Writing Narratives:Students will build upon the skills of summarizing narrative text, sequencing, and authoring their own narrative. 
  • Unit 6: Reading and Writing Narratives:Students will demonstrate a foundation of speaking and listening skills, with a focus on listening attentively, speaking with correct pronunciation and emphasis, culminating in their delivery of an original speech.
  • Unit 7: Rules for Writing: Students will delve into the increasingly advanced topic of writing mechanics, mastering all rules of capitalization, spelling, and formatting as expected for this grade level.Unit 8: All About Nonfiction:Students will encounter a variety of nonfiction texts, include reference materials, historical nonfiction, and newspaper articles, demonstrating an understanding of how to read, analyze, and write about nonfiction.
  • Unit 9: Types of Literature:Students will examine a variety of literary texts, including studying the elements of poetry and drama, as well as writing a focused research project on the history of drama.
  • Unit 10: Harriet Tubman:A Study Guide: Students will use a critical lens to analyze literature, specifically focusing on the biography,Harriet Tubman: the Moses of Her People, interpreting character, events, and plot structure.

State: National
Grade Level: 7
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year