Language Arts 7 (01035N) WA

In Language Arts 7, students will be given opportunities to build a foundation in fiction, drama, poetry, mythology, and nonfiction. To build this foundation, students will hone their abilities to critically read, discuss, and write about the various texts and genres in this course. Their reading of fictional texts will allow them to explore questions pertaining to character, plot, setting, and conflict. For nonfiction texts, students will locate main ideas and rhetorical strategies that will allow them to understand the author's purpose and audience. For writing, students will have opportunities to not only reflect upon the studied texts, but also model their writing after the pieces they analyze, allowing them to practice their growing skill base.

With the exception of the first unit, each unit in the English Language Arts 7 course follows a different kind of journey. The journey might be one of unchartered territory, a journey of the mind, a courageous act, or even a journey occurring in ancient times. Whether it be through classic or contemporary literature, students will be enriched by their own journey as they expand their skills and confidence in English language arts through a comprehensive study.

State: Washington
Grade Level: 7
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year