Language Arts 600

Language Arts 600 continues to build on the sequential development and integration of communication skills in four major areas-reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It most specifically focuses on deepening and furthering students' understanding in the following ways:

Curriculum Contents

Reading Comprehension Skills

  • Analyzing Propaganda
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Determining Author's Purpose-Reading for Entertainment and Reading for Information
  • Determining Author's Reliability
  • Identifying Facts and Opinions
  • Evaluating a Text
  • Identifying Main Ideas and Supporting Details
  • Finding Implied Meanings
  • Reading Newspaper Articles
  • Reading Poetry
  • Reading Short Stories


  • Paragraph Elements and Structure
  • Report-Shepherding
  • Using Invented Words
  • Writing a Business Letter
  • Writing Poetry-Pen Pictures, Cinquains, and Shaped Poems
  • Writing a Report-Outlining, Writing, and Revising
  • Writing with Metaphors
  • Writing Short Stories-Plot, Setting, Structure, and Character Development

Grammar and Usage

  • Adjectives-Comparative Adjectives, Superlative Adjectives, and Articles
  • Adverbs-Comparative Adverbs and Superlative Adverbs
  • Interjections and Conjuctions
  • Kinds of Sentences-Statement, Question, Command, and Surprise/Excitement
  • Nouns-Plural, Possessive, and Common and Proper Nouns
  • Pronouns-Pronoun Case, Personal Pronouns, and Demonstrative Pronouns
  • Punctuation-Exclamation Points, Periods, Question Marks, and Commas
  • Sentence Structure-Subject/Predicate, Prepositions, and Phrases
  • Verbs-Verb Tense, Irregular Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs, Person, Number, and Compound Verbs

Literature Studies

  • Fiction
    • Elements-Structure, Character, Plot, and Setting
    • Genre/Type-Fable, Legend, Animal Story, Myth, Fairy Tale, Adventure, Historical Piece, Mystery, and Science Fiction
  • Nonfiction
    • Definition
    • Elements-Organization and Diction
    • Genre/Type-Autobiography, Biography, Propaganda, and Articles
  • Poetry
    • Definition
    • Elements-Structure, Rhyme, Meter, and Diction
    • Genre/Type-Ballad, Free Verse, Limerick, Shaped Poem, Epic, Narrative, and Pen Picture
    • Literary Device-Metaphors, Similes, Alliteration, Sound Effects, and Parallelism


  • Elements-Structure, Character, Plot, and Setting
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Speaking Qualities
  • Listen Effectively


  • Homonyms
  • Words with /sh/ sound
  • Roots and Affixes

Special Topics

  • The Nature of Advertising
  • Creating an Advertisement
  • Graphic Aids-Charts and Graphs
  • Reference Materials-Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Who's Who, Thesaurus, and Concordance
  • Study Skills-Note-Taking
  • Word Play-Palindromes, Puns, and Conundrums

State: National, New York, Oklahoma, Utah
Grade Level: 6
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year