Language Arts 600

In Language Arts 600, students will delve into texts that span the genres of narrative fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, and informational texts to build reading, writing and thinking skills. Students will also develop their writing skills as they focus on the six traits while producing narrative, argumentative, and explanatory compositions, as well as creative pieces including poetry. The course concludes with students completing a full research report. 

With a strong emphasis on close reading instruction, writing and thinking activities, as well as speaking and listening tasks, this course will help students expand their understanding of literature while building 21st century skills. Multimedia and interactive elements are built into every lesson to ensure a high-level of student engagement. English 600 students will be enriched as they expand their skills and confidence in English language arts through a comprehensive study that includes the following units:

  • Unit 1: Compare characters in both literature and informational text to build on reading strategies and further develop skills in both grammar and writing
  • Unit 2: Understand mood and character types and learn how characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution in different text types including drama and epic poetry
  • Unit 3: Justify the power of words and analyze how authors use language to communicate ideas in varied poetry forms and explanatory essays
  • Unit 4: Analyze exposition in both fiction and non-fiction text and compare and contrast texts from different genres in terms of their approaches to similar themes and topics
  • Unit 5: Identify argument and specific claims found in news media, distinguish facts from opinion, as well as identifying bias, propaganda, and fallacies
  • Unit 6: Identify argument, claims and evidence by completing a close read of nonfiction texts and complete an in-depth, multi-unit formal writing project on an argumentative essay
  • Unit 7: Learn that important issues, such as civil rights and environmentalisms can be looked at from different perspectives and integrate information presented in different media and formats to develop a coherent understanding on a complex topic
  • Unit 8: Explain that research and inquiry deepen understanding on topics and complete an in-depth, multi-unit formal research project answering an essential question

State: National
Grade Level: 6
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year