Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Systems

This course establishes a foundation for the concept of tourism, travel, and hospitality as a system. Students will learn about the various segments of the travel and tourism industry and how they are interrelated and integral to international and domestic travel and tourism. This discussion will include travel agencies, tour companies, the airlines and other transportation sectors, lodging facilities, cruise lines, and marketing companies.

  • An Introduction to the Travel Industry and the Places We Go: This unit introduces students to the travel industry. It teaches about the different segments of the travel industry and how to satisfy different types of consumers. Geography also plays and important role, and this unit helps students Learn about tourist destinations in variousplaces throughout the world.
  • Explaining Agencies, Operators, and Instruments of Record: The role of travel agencies and operators and how they can save money for travelers is investigated in this unit. It also teaches students about documents required forinternational travel, as well as about money exchanges and health alerts.
  • The Airlines and Other Modes of Transportation: Air travel, different types of flights, itineraries, types of aircraft and their advantages are studied in this unit, which also looks at services offered in airports. This unit also teaches students about ground transportation, such as rail and car rental, that travelers utilize once they reach their destinations.
  • The Hospitality and the Cruise Industry: Students will learn about the various types of lodging, ranging from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts. They will also learn about the different services each offers, such as meal plans, restaurants, or just coffee and bagels. The cruise industry will also be explored, and students will learn about the many types, accommodations and price points offered. 
  • Making Connections: Marketing and Technology: Students will learn about the many aspects of marketing travel products, including how to analyze their effectiveness. Students will also learn about the impact of technology on travel, such as computerized reservation systems, sales of travel through the Internet, and the potential for space travel.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Hospitality & Tourism
Course Length: Semester