Introduction to Careers in the Health Sciences

This course is an overview of health careers and overriding principles central to all health professions. Units include:

  • science and technology in human health
  • anatomy, physiology, and disease development
  • privacy, ethics, and safety in health care
  • communication and teamwork in the health care environment
  • health careers; creating a diverse workforce of lifelong learners

The course provides a foundation for further study in the field of health science. When students complete the course, they will be able to discuss the potential career choices and have an understanding of basic concepts that apply to many different career choices.

The student will:

  • evaluate the history of health care with respect to current developments
  • compare and contrast methods of communication within the health care community
  • examine the roles and responsibilities of individuals as members of a health care team
  • compare career options in health care with respect to educational requirements and licensure
  • examine issues relating to workforce diversity and access to health care
  • distinguish between ethical and unethical practices in health care
  • analyze potential and existing workplace hazards that can compromise health care worker safety, and the safety of patients and coworkers
  • evaluate the impact of science and technology on health care
  • understand how to organize and structure work individually and in teams for effective performance and attainment of goals
  • understand how to interact with others in ways to demonstrate respect for individual and cultural differences and for the attitudes and feelings of others
  • understand the role of antibodies in the body's response to infection
  • examine role of the skin in providing nonspecific defenses against infection
  • analyze the organization of the body and functions and interactions of organ systems

State: National, California, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Washington
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Health Science
Course Length: Semester