Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

This introductory course provides comprehensive information on five separate areas of arts and communications as potential educational and career pathways. Students who are interested in careers across a broad spectrum of professional positions, including fine artist, telecommunications administrator, magazine editor, broadcast journalist, or computer graphics artist, will gain useful perspective on industry terminology, technology, work environment, job outlook, and guiding principles.

  • Unit 1: Audio/Video Technology and Film: Unit 1 focuses on audiovisual (A/V) technology in film, the arts, and businesses such as advertising. Students learn about job opportunities in a variety of settings and the training programs, degrees, and experience they may need to qualify for them.
  • Unit 2: Performing Arts: Unit 2 covers the performing arts, including careers both on and offstage.
  • Unit 3: Visual Arts: Unit 3 examines the exciting field of visual arts in depth, with discussions of artistic design principles, animation design, the work and training of multimedia artists, and developments in the burgeoning field of special effects and animation in studios worldwide.
  • Unit 4: Printing Technology, Journalism, and Broadcasting: Unit 4 enters the world of printing technology and print publishing, including digital media. Students study technological evolution and advancements in printing since the invention of paper. A timeline of (predominantly U.S.) journalism gives students a glimpse into magazine editing, digital printing technology, broadcast journalism, and the legal and ethical issues of news reporting today.
  • Unit 5: Telecommunications Systems: In Unit 5, students examine the telecommunications industry and learn more about careers in networking, phone technology, and communications and the training or certification needed for various specific positions.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Arts, A/V, Technology & Communications
Course Length: Semester