History and Geography 300

This third-grade course is an exploration of the history and geography of the United States. The intent of the course is to give the student an overview of the United States. The student will learn map terminology such as latitude, longitude, and compass rose. These and other geographical terms, along with an overview of the geography of the United States, will help the studentdiscuss and understand the geography of the United States.

  • Unit 1: Use maps to identify locations, regions, and human interactions
  • Unit 2: Describe features of the New England states 
  • Unit 3: Describe features of the Mid-Atlantic states
  • Unit 4: Describe features of the Southern-Atlantic states
  • Unit 5: Describe features of the Southern states
  • Unit 6: Describe features of the Great Lakes states
  • Unit 7: Describe features of the Midwestern states
  • Unit 8: Describe features of the Mountain states
  • Unit 9: Describe features of the Pacific states
  • Unit 10: Review key features in all regions of the United States

State: National
Grade Level: 3
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year