GSE Georgia Studies 45.00900 GA

Beliefs and ideals, conflict and power, location and migration, production and consumption, rule of law and technological innovation; all of these are the building blocks of our histories and societies; all have been used in differing ways to affect change, and all are important in our understanding of who we are in this great big world. In this course, students will explore just how each has been wielded in the past to bring about the present. Beginning with the geography and the unwritten history of the American Indians, students will journey through Georgia, walking with the early explorers and colonizers, grappling with the establishment of statehood and the Civil War, and seeing the New South, and the wars of the 20th Century through Georgian eyes. They will come to understand how the beliefs and ideals of Georgian society shaped culture, political movements and business throughout the Civil Rights movement and into modern Georgia. They will engage the practicalities of modern government, legal systems, and personal finance; and through a variety of thought-provoking projects they will learn how a society was shaped, how conflict was used and resolved, how law and people stood for change, and how political, financial, and technological power has been brandished to shape a state and its people.

State: Georgia
Grade Level: 8
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year