Essentials of Language Arts

Essentials of Language Arts is a semester-length review of the fundamentals of reading informational and literary texts, and writing a variety of creative and expository compositions. This course is useful at the high school level for basic conceptual and skill remediation, and/or practice necessary to prepare for a state exam.

Upon successfully completing the course, the student should have mastered the following concepts and skills:

Informational Texts

  • Recognize the elements and characteristics of different kinds of informational texts: expository, procedural, persuasive, and literary nonfiction.
  • Navigate, interpret, and evaluate informational texts.
  • Identify and analyze the author’s purpose in a variety of informational texts.
  • Understand and use the conventions of workplace documents and business writing.
  • Distinguish and analyze claims in informational texts (main idea, topics, evidence, etc.).
  • Use knowledge of literal and figurative language and context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words.
  • Understand and analyze the organizational pattern of informational texts.
  • Examine the use of visual elements that support written texts.
  • Draw reasonable inferences from informational texts.
  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments.

II. Literary Texts

  • Recognize the elements and characteristics of different literary genres: poetry, drama, and fiction.
  • Recognize and analyze the structure of poetry, drama, and narrative prose.
  • Draw inferences from explicit and implicit information.
  • Identify and analyze elements of literary texts: plot, setting, characterization, theme.
  • Identify and analyze literary devices: imagery, tone, point of view, flashback, foreshadowing, figurative language.
  • Understand the influence of culture, history, and an author’s background on diction, style, and elements of narrative fiction.

III. Writing

  • Understand and apply the writing process.
  • Recognize and compose a clear thesis statement.
  • Recognize and evaluate organizational patterns for an essay.
  • Identify and analyze evidence for relevance to a topic or argument.
  • Understand and use evidence to support claims and arguments.
  • Identify and select meaningful, descriptive, and expressive words.
  • Recognize, use, and evaluate effective grammar, sentence construction, clause coordination, agreement, number, tense, word choice, mechanics, and conventions.
  • Write a business letter.
  • Write a literary analysis.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Test Prep