English Language Arts 11 (4011) WV

English Language Arts 11 (4011) WV is a survey of American Literature and literary culture from its inception through the twentieth century. Emphasis is placed on a rhetorical analysis of the literature to determine how authors achieve a particular purpose or effect. Through focused readings, composition, speaking and listening activities, vocabulary study, and research, students will continue to build the literacy skills they need to meet the challenges of high school and beyond. To become critical consumers of text, students will be exposed to increasingly more complex texts to which they apply those skills. That critical content is both rigorous and relevant and includes high-quality contemporary works as well as the classics of literature, in addition to classic myths and stories from around the world, America’s founding documents, foundational American literature, and Shakespeare.


  • UNIT 1: INTERSECTION IN A NEW WORLD Students will examine the earliest American literature, which will highlight the intersection, and resulting conflicts, of Native American, European, and African American cultures; students will analyze and understand the use of rhetoric, archaic language, satire, and poetic devices, and will complete projects requiring skills such as academic research and the construction of arguments.
  • UNIT 2: BECOMING A NATION Students will focus on the historic and literary significance of documents relating to the establishment of the new government in America, comparing and contrasting tone and point of view in foundational documents, and using what they learn about the qualities of an effective argument to create one of their own.
  • UNIT 3: AMERICAN ROMANTICISM Students will examine and compare works from American romantic literature, transcendentalism, and the sub-genre of slave narrative. Skills that will be addressed include the analysis of literary elements such as tone, point of view, figurative language, rhetoric, and structure. Students will participate in academic discussions and write analytical and argumentative essays based on literature.
  • UNIT 5: REGIONAL VOICES Students will explore American literature that addresses the issues of racism, slavery, inequality, and displacement, learning the ways in which authors utilize characters, language, and theme to express the challenges facing America in this period. 
  • UNIT 6: MODERNISM IN AMERICA Students will be introduced to the characteristics that define literature as modern and analyze those characteristics in poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will be expected to utilize skills that involve writing literary analysis essays, reviewing and revising their written work, conducting structured academic research, and constructing oral and visual presentations.
  • UNIT 7: POST-WORLD WAR II Students will examine the literature that followed the Second World War up to what is known as the postmodern period in literature, interpreting cultural context, dissecting the form and structure of poetry and literature, conducting organized research, and utilizing speaking and listening skills through varied presentations.

State: National
Grade Level: 11
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year