English Grade 7 (1110) VA

Students will demonstrate their understanding of various works by analyzing how common themes like exploration and courage are able to transcend diverse time periods and genres. They will develop their writing skills as they focus on the six traits of writing while producing persuasive, narrative, expository, and reflective compositions. With a strong emphasis on close reading instruction, research activities, and speaking and listening tasks, this course will help students expand their understanding of literature and nonfiction while building twenty-first century skills. Students will be exposed to classic and contemporary texts to become critical consumers of information, story, and point of view. 

  • Unit 1: Reading Skills: Students will demonstrate a mastery of the foundational reading skills necessary to succeed in this course and are provided with an opportunity for review and practice to ensure preparation and understanding. Topics include types of literature, grammar, the process for decoding unknown vocabulary, reading comprehension, and analysis.
  • Unit 2: Call of the Wild: Students will examine Jack London's The Call of the Wild, interpreting characters, events, literary elements, author purpose, tone, and theme with a critical eye. 
  • Unit 3: Writing Skills: Narrative and Expository:Students will demonstrate prewriting skills, organizational skills, and editing skills as they compose narrative texts. Students will develop their editing skills in punctuation, grammar, and structure, both individually and in peer groups.
  • Unit 4: Reading Nonfiction: Students will examine the structure, form, and organization of a variety of nonfiction texts, including literary nonfiction, business letters, technical writing, and informative essays. Students will read Helen Keller'sThe Story of My Life, as well as analyze texts for purpose and viewpoint as they determine which sources of information are credible. 
  • Unit 5: Persuasive Writing and Communication Skills: Students will engage in expository writing, following appropriate structure, purpose, audience, and prewriting strategies. They will work with others in a peer editing environment. Students will recognize what type of purpose, structure, or style might be appropriate for a specific audience. Students will learn the purpose of reflective writing as it relates to expository texts and the writing process.
  • Unit 6: Poetry and Drama: Students will explore poetry and drama, including The Diary of Anne Frank. Students will participate in classroom discussions, following agreed-upon rules for interaction. They will also analyze speakers and produce their own speeches. Students will demonstrate media literacy and create multi-media presentations.

State: National
Grade Level: 7
Category: English Language Arts
Course Length: Year