Economics (2701) CA

This semester-long course is designed to provide students with a strong foundation of basic economic principles, with an emphasis on the free enterprise system and its benefits.

Topics in this course include:

  • Scarcity
  • Supply and demand
  • The economic role of the federal government
  • The benefits of the free enterprise system
  • Different market structures
  • Market regulations
  • The macroeconomy

After completing the course, students should be able to answer a variety of economic questions and demonstrate a number of social studies skills.  


  • Answer the question “What is the economy?”
  • Understand how scarcity impacts decision-making
  • Analyze economic data
  • Apply economic data
  • Demonstrate financial literacy

Additional Resources
Some assignments in this course require the use of resources that must be supplied by the user. A list of these outside resources is available below:

  • Internet access
  • Pens, pencils, and paper
  • Printer
  • Encyclopedia or other research resources
  • Calculator
  • Post board and art supplies

State: California
Grade Level: 12
Category: History & Social Sciences
Course Length: Year