Careers in Marketing Research

Marketing research is the foundation of all marketing activities because it provides the data needed to make key strategic decisions about products, promotions, pricing, and other key organizational decisions. This course will provide information about the process of investigation and problem analysis by using research to produce key marketing statistics that are communicated to management and used throughout the organization. This course concludes with the execution, interpretation, and presentation of marketing research.

  • The World of Marketing Research: Students will explore the role of market research and current trends. They will examine ways that companies and nonprofits can use marketing research and how the 4-step marketing research process works. It also covers various functions of marketing research as well as differences between basic and applied studies in terms of marketing research.
  • The Marketing Research Industry and Ethics: This unit focuses on the marketing research industry and types of careers in the field. It also identifies the major marketing research firms and explores skills, experience and education requirements for research positions. Research ethics are also addressed.
  • Types of Marketing Research: Ways to utilize surveys to inform business decisions kicks off this unit. Types of surveys are also covered as well as how to construct and word surveys. Differences between primary and secondary data and how technology is used in marketing research is also explored.
  • Marketing Research Basics: This unit focuses on what measurement means and how measurement is used in terms of marketing research. Types of measurement scales and data examples are also explored as is how the data processing and analysis phase relates to the marketing research process.
  • Putting It All Together: This unit focuses on formatting research reports, guidelines for presentations, decisions based on findings, and implementing decisions. It also touches on which organizations use marketing research to make decisions, and ways that research data can be used to make decisions on a continual basis.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Marketing
Course Length: Semester