Careers in Manufacturing Processes

Careers in Manufacturing Processes concerns the manufacturing process, from the conception of a new product through the prototype stage to fabrication, assembly, testing, and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing is the beating heart of American enterprise. Indeed, it is the heart of the economy of any advanced industrialized nation. This course examines every aspect of the manufacturing process from strategy and management to factory-floor tactics.

  • Manufacturing Overview: Students learn about the history of manufacturing and its importance to both the national and global economies in this unit. They will evaluate how a manufacturer should approach its marketplace, its customers, and its future. Students will also gain insight and appreciation for the skills and kinds of professionals needed for a manufacturing company to flourish.
  • Product Development: This unit describes how a concept for a product is developed into a prototype. It lists the differing kinds of prototypes and discusses the testing of prototypes before mass production begins.
  • Production I: In this unit, the student learns how a manufacturing company plans for the mass production of a product, including prototype development and the growing use of computer-assisted design (CAD) tools to create several iterations of the proposed product. Students will discover the relationship between financial and physical production goals; and examine how manufacturers secure suppliers of materials and subassemblies.
  • Production II: Students gain insight into the production process as components arrive at the manufacturing facility for assembly and finishing. The students learn how a company applies its core competencies its manufacturing processes and allows students to understand a variety of manufacturing strategies for high-efficiency production.
  • Customer Services: In this unit, the student learns about strategies, processes, and procedures after a product has been manufactured. Students learn about the importance of packaging, shipping, warranties, and field service. Students are introduced to the concept of customer service that moves well beyond what customers may anticipate when they purchase a specific product to the goal of manufacturers to create products that delight the customer with extraordinary quality of follow-up service.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Manufacturing
Course Length: Semester