Career Management

Career management is a semester-length high school elective course that assists students in their preparation for career selection. The course is designed to improve workforce skills needed in all careers including:

  • communication
  • leadership
  • teamwork
  • decision making
  • problem solving
  • goal setting
  • time management

Students will complete activities that help identify personal interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. Students will use results of self-assessments to determine careers that may prove personally satisfying.

  • Unit 1: What is Work? Unit I looks at the elements of employment, from the purpose and personal benefits of work to lifelong learning and technology. Students learn about wages and employment benefits, find out how to maintain a time sheet, set lifestyle goals that match their work goals, and attain problem-solving skills. Students will also explore career clusters and begin a project that helps them which career clusters best match their talents and life goals.
  • Unit 2: Self-Assessment: Students begin this unit discussing their interests, skills and aptitudes. Students also explore their personality traits and values, and their learning styles. In lessons on listening, speaking and writing, students learn about communication skills and how to use them to improve relationships and performance. Teamwork and collaboration round out the unit, and students learn the importance of positive teamwork skills and the opportunities they will find throughout life to use them.
  • Unit 3: Career Research: This unit begins with an emphasis on the skills and tools students should possess for success as a member of the workforce. It continues with an overview of career education, training and qualifications, as well a look at the level of wages and benefits students can expect for different careers. Students will also learn about resources for exploring careers and how to compare careers based on research they conduct.
  • Unit 4: Planning for Your Career: What is appropriate workplace behavior and style, and how does it affect a career? Those are some of the topics students will explore in this unit, which will help them identify some of the benefits wise choices in those areas can have. Students will also learn about workplace trends, such as telecommuting and flextime, and behaviors that they can develop that will make them highly employable. Decision-making steps, goal-setting, mentoring and conflict management will also be studied, as will the importance of extracurricular and community activities.
  • Unit 5: Preparing for Your Career: Some of the nuts and bolts of acquiring a job are the focus of this unit, as students explore resumes, cover letters, job applications and finding job leads. Skills to help students through the job-seeking process are also taught through lessons on researching potential employers as well as on interview behaviors and follow-up.

State: National
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Category: Business Management & Administration
Course Length: Semester