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Our Always Improving series provides insight to our ongoing commitment to Odysseyware® educators and our learners, to demonstrate our dedication to providing innovative, up-to-date, and relevant curriculum and learning opportunities for students, and support tools for students, teachers, and schools alike. We are committed to keeping our curriculum and instructional technology ‘refreshed’ for today’s schools in a dynamic digital environment.


We know as educators that high quality, rigorous, meaningful, and purposeful curriculum is essential to the success of our students’ education and lifelong learning beyond our classrooms.

Odysseyware® has the same philosophy when it comes to our commitment to schools and students alike, through continuous review of the content and courses we provide our customers. We take our responsibility of providing high quality curriculum serious – and as a company that consists of a majority of former teachers and administrators, we recognize the importance and impact curriculum has on our students.

As part of Odysseyware’s ongoing commitment, we have courses aligned through Quality Matters®, and valuable and important memberships with iNACOL® and ISTE®.

Memberships and Course Alignment

This month we are highlighting how Odysseyware is always improving with new reviews and approvals, new memberships, additional resources, and new course announcements!


Quality Matters®

In2017, Odysseyware began submitting courses for review through Quality Matters (QM), a national organization dedicated to ensuring quality online courses for K-12 and higher education. The rigorous review process established by Quality Matters addresses critical design standards, including those of iNACOL and specific content area expectations. We are excited to announce that all seventeen courses submitted and reviewed to date – including English Language Arts, science, social studies and mathematics high school and middle school courses – have received certification!


Lexile® and Quantile® Levels

As teachers, we know that no matter how wonderful curriculum content may be, if our students can’t read it and understand it, the quality becomes irrelevant. This is why Odysseyware is committed to being reviewed for appropriate and varying reading levels.

Odysseyware English Language Arts and math courses were recently reviewed by Metametrics®, the leading independent entity for reviews to determine Lexile® and Quantile® levels (respectively), ensuring students have access to varying levels of complexity.

The Odysseyware curriculum is designed to scaffold instruction and equip students with varying levels of text. Metametrics found that overall Odysseyware high school English and math courses are well within norm-referenced grade bands. Pre-calculus and Trigonometry were the only exceptions. Both of these courses were identified as above grade-band levels, supporting student preparation for postsecondary success with STEM-related college and career expectations. And, as a side note, we are also committed to our continuous improvement and inclusion of STEM-related courses and enhancements.


Additional Resources

During the next several months you will continue to see additional lessons, projects, and correlated quiz and assessment items added to the Odysseyware learning management system (LMS) for science and social studies. These additional resources support teachers in customizing courses and addressing specific standards-aligned learning objectives. ClassPace™ users will also have access to the assignments starting in the fall. When combined with the English Language Arts and math additional resources added in 2017, Odysseyware users will have access to more than 350 new curriculum resources by the end of this year! Just think of all the things you could offer your students with a comprehensive menu of options!


New Courses!

Speaking of extensive options, Odysseyware will be releasing two new courses for fall 2018 including:

  • Probability and Statistics A
  • Civics

Probability and Statistics B and a new Math Models (Consumer Math) course will be released in late 2018 prior to the start of the second semester.

Watch for more information in next month’s newsletter about these courses and new course releases slated for the fall for BASE Education.


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