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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to schools and districts looking to provide virtual learning options for students.

We know as an administrator, you are faced with a variety of issues when implementing flexible and varied course offerings and solutions. For example,

  • Do you wish you could provide a student an advanced Spanish language course at a specific time of day because it’s not a world language offering currently available at your school?
  • Are you looking to add AP® Calculus A and B courses but can’t find a certified teacher to teach them?
  • Do you want to offer a “Principles of Coding” CTE course?
  • Do you have a student who’s a traveling athlete and need to find courses offered through an NCAA approved program?
  • Is there a teacher going out on long-term leave and you need to find a certified teacher to teach their course?
  • Are you wanting to offer a wide range of course offerings for a more personalized summer school, but don’t have the budget or staff to do so?

Each school and district are unique with their own needs and goals. The educational landscape is dynamic and riddled with challenges – and a virtual partnership program can help schools overcome difficulties they are facing through comprehensive and flexible options.

Odysseyware Academic Services (OAS) is a true partnership model. OAS becomes an extension of the district team by providing support staff, certified teachers, and technical support, while the local school awards the credit. OAS has been designed with a school’s and district’s diverse and unique needs in mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges that schools successfully overcome through an Odysseyware Academic Services partnership.


1. Addressing Teacher Shortage

Your OAS Partnership:

Teacher shortage can mean something different for varying schools and districts. Some schools may be battling a teacher shortage:

  • For specialized subject course offerings due to lack of teacher candidates and/or budget constraints.
  • To expand course offerings in CTE, electives, world languages, and/or AP® courses.
  • To provide students with long-term substitutes during teacher FMLA or other extended leave of absence.

With an OAS partnership, schools and districts can leverage over 100 state certified teachers (and growing!), as well as our full course catalog of 160+ core semester courses for grades 3-12, 80+ CTE courses, electives including fine arts, world languages, health and physical education, AP® courses, test prep, and K-8 remediation courses – all within a single platform!


2. Retaining Students

Your OAS Partnership:

As schools continue to think creatively about how to increase graduation rates and reduce chronic absenteeism, districts are also seeking flexible and creative ways to retain students and offer alternative choices. This is especially important to schools and districts due to the need to retain associated FTE funding and keep students in the district who may be looking outside of the district for alternatives.

Students complete courses at any pace, anytime, anywhere – on their own schedule. Additionally, Odysseyware Academic Services offers rolling enrollments, so students can enroll at any time of the year!


3. Credit Recovery / Remediation

Your OAS Partnership:

Increase graduation rates and improve student outcomes by leveraging flexible, online courses from your OAS partnership. Schools and districts can give students the ability to earn credits for failed or incomplete classes without having to repeat the entire course by leveraging Odysseyware’s CRx Mode or CRx Flex Mode. Students will be able to complete the work at their own pace and focus on just the concepts they have not yet mastered.


4. Acceleration Opportunities

Your OAS Partnership:

Do you have students that are ready to be accelerated and offered different course offerings? OAS has you covered! Offer courses the way you need. For example, if a student needs an AP® Calculus course from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM and you don’t have a teacher to teach it, and OAS teacher can! Your OAS partnership offers you the flexibility and comprehensive offerings without breaking the bank or putting an extra load on your current teaching staff.


5. Virtual Programs

Your OAS Partnership:

Schools and districts are increasing their reach to students by providing a virtual program for a variety of reasons. Some reasons may include:

  • Homebound students
  • Alternative learners
  • Students looking for accelerated options
  • Student athletes who are traveling
  • Family reasons

Through the use of Odysseyware Academic Services, students can work at school, home, the library – anywhere they can access the internet – and monitor their own progress with computer-based feedback and support from virtual teachers.


6. Need NCAA-approved Courses

Your OAS Partnership:

Students who want to participate in NCAA athletics need the assurance that their courses are approved and offered through an NCAA approved program. Through OAS, you can provide students options to complete Odysseyware courses that meet these NCAA requirements.


7. Test Prep

Your OAS Partnership:

Whether you’re looking to offer ACT® test prep, or GED® HiSET® or TASC™ high school equivalency exam test prep, OAS can offer students the practice and support they need.


8. Summer School Logistic Support

Your OAS Partnership:

Creating a great Summer School program for your students can be a daunting challenge. From finding the right staff, identifying and leveraging the right curriculum, and budget constraints – to the logistics of space, place, and management.

A partnership with OAS helps schools and districts alleviate logistical/staffing challenges associated with brick-and-mortar programs. In addition to having access to Odysseyware’s full course offerings, our staff processes enrollments, communicates student progress to parent(s) and the school, and provides technical and academic support.

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