NWEA and Odysseyware partnership

NWEATM and Odysseyware® have teamed up to enhance a district’s capacity to take action on rich MAP® GrowthTM data and help students grow further, faster. 

If you are using, or planning to use, NWEA MAP Growth assessments, you can now import those test results directly into Odysseyware to generate individualized learning paths using the Odysseyware aligned curriculum lessons that support each student’s area of instructional need, whether it's for remediation or enrichment.

Import NWEA MAP Growth assessment results directly into Odysseyware

Odysseyware is a WebbAlign® Depth of Knowledge (DOK) partner committed to implementing the DOK Framework through an ongoing certification process.

Students today are increasingly asked to apply and express their knowledge through project-based and real-world scenarios that require not only basic recall of information and principles, but the mastery to apply that knowledge in complex and multi-faceted ways. WebbAlign supports educators in their efforts to improve alignment of curriculum and assessments with standards to ensure that assessments match the rigor expected in corresponding learning expectations. 

The DOK framework is being applied to existing Odysseyware curriculum and assessment items and will be leveraged to inform the creation of new items.