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Ken Roberts


“I have had many great teachers over the years, but none that influenced me more than Kenneth “Chief” Hill. Known to all his students as just Chief, he was my ROTC instructor at the time, but instilled a drive to be a better person and the importance of community contribution. Through his guidance, I learned of my passion for technology and education, which has helped shape my career and ultimately led me to where I am today.”

Ken has spent the last 18 plus years in various engineering and leadership roles dedicated to developing and supporting educational technology products. During this time, Ken has contributed to various educational technology segments from higher education at Cal State University to corporate education at Cisco Systems and now K-12 education at Odysseyware. At Odysseyware, Ken serves as the Vice President of Technology overseeing all software development, architecture, and hosting operations.

300 N. McKemy Avenue
Chandler, AZ 85226

804 N. 2nd Ave. E.
Rock Rapids, IA 51246

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