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Joel Ramirez

Joel Ramirez


“I attended Pepperdine with the attitude that I was there to complete classes, but instead, I left with the feeling I was part of a family. Not one, but a group of teachers with the same mission worked together to ensure that students worked on pace, met outside the classroom, and exposed to varied student environments. Collaborative learning from both the educator and learner shaped my own desire to build a collaborative team.”

Joel serves on the Odysseyware executive team as Director of Client Services. He has served as an educator for over ten combined years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and Nashville Metro Public Schools. Working as a grants coordinator for Advanced Placement, AVID, and ELL, Joel’s experience and passion has focused on bridging gaps for underrepresented student populations to attend a four-year college. Often infusing technology into the classroom, Joel has since dedicated his time in servicing as a trainer, educational consultant, and director of implementations. Joel has been a guest speaker for several conferences including iNACOL, CBOL, and the Association for Latino Administrators and Superintendents.

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