Workstation - Each user workstation should have the following software installed.

One of the following supported browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer® Versions 9 and 10 For users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, Odysseyware must be operated in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox® Version 18 or higher
Safari® Version 6 or higher
Chrome Version 23 or higher

Multimedia Rendering Adobe Flash Version 11 or higher Odysseyware will not display video, sounds, or other media if Flash is not installed or is not working properly
PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader 9+ Version 9 or higher Reports in Odysseyware are generated as a PDF file

Browser Settings - Browsers should be configured with these recommended settings.

Note: For the best performance on Tablet devices it is recommended to use a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player. Otherwise some components may not function properly.

Passwords Disable features that automatically save passwords
AutoComplete Disable AutoComplete, as it often looks like a list of answers to choose from
Caching Enable caching, but set browsers to clear the cache when closed
Javascript Javascript must be enabled for pages to render correctly

Network Considerations

Filtering *, *, and *, * must be added to the whitelist of any filtering, proxy or firewall programs/servers in use.

For Webinar (online) Training Purposes

Webinar Meeting Test

Please click on the above link on the computer(s) that you will be connecting to the webinar training.  This will test to make sure everything will work properly for training. 

NOTE: Java does need to be installed for Webex, not our product.